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"I’m homesick for arms that don’t want to hold me."
- M.O.W, A ten word story (via yoursly)

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october is coming up

you know what that means





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  • Ashton: *sings*
  • *birds sing along*
  • *flowers sprout up from the earth*
  • *healthy puppies are born*
  • *children laugh*
  • *Obama cries tears of joy*
  • Ashton: lol sorry i suck

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reasons i dont want to go back to school

  • homework
  • being forced to be around dumb,horrible, and mean people for so long
  • have to wear a bra
  • forced social interaction
  • gross teachers 
  • having to actually put on clothes that arent pajamas
  • have to wake up early
  • cant stay up too late
  • no sleeping in class
  • no eating in class
  • less time for internet and friends 
  • did i mention that 80% of ppl here are giant assholes

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"Even if you hate someone with a deeply burning passion, if they’re standing on a ledge, ready to jump, you fucking pull them back."
- Don’t Even Hesitate // Cicatrice (via equily)

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  • me: *dying*
  • nurse: we're losing her doc!
  • doctor: you're right, we need to restart her heart
  • doctor: *shows a picture of sasuke picture*
  • me: ay damn wassup

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this is why everyone calls them a boyband because they are managed like one